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Avigilon launches Avigilon Blue cloud service platform for security and surveillance


Avigilon Blue is a powerful and advanced cloud service platform for security and surveillance that is purpose-built for Avigilon partners and their customers. The first release of Avigilon Blue provides managed services for video surveillance, powered by patented Avigilon self-learning video analytics. The platform enables partners to remotely connect to, manage, and service more customer sites with fewer resources. For customers, Avigilon Blue provides easy and secure system access, smart notifications, system upgrades, and new features that will be pushed directly from the cloud.

Recurring monthly revenue model

With Avigilon Blue, we are launching both an exciting new technology platform and business model,” said James Henderson, Avigilon's President and Chief Operating Officer. "To help grow their business, Avigilon Blue offers our partners a recurring monthly revenue model based on customer site subscriptions. As the platform expands, we will continue to add new services that our partners and their customers can deploy, bringing additional value, performance and scale to their systems."

The system integrates an on-premises Avigilon Blue Connect device that supports local storage as well as Avigilon and ONVIF compliant cameras; and sends critical events to the cloud for customers to view and verify from their web-connected device. Additionally, this helps keep incoming and outgoing network traffic to a minimum, saving valuable bandwidth.

Powered by Microsoft Azure

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Avigilon Blue leverages cloud services that are built, deployed, and managed through a global network of trusted datacenters, providing customers with enterprise-grade security and global scale.


Sourc : https://www.sourcesecurity.com/news/avigilon-launches-avigilon-blue-security-surveillance-co-3126-ga-co-14053-ga-npr.1521192148.html

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