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We at Melvgroup provide complete end-to-end solution to major Corporate, Government, ISP’s, Banks, Financial institutions, Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, etc. Our solution will follow a full cycle from consultancy, planning Design, implementation, commissioning and training.
We have always believed in providing high-performance network infrastructure built on simplicity, security, openness, and scale. We have focused on innovating various new ways that empower the customers, the partners, and ultimately everyone in a connected world. 

As a pure high-performance networking company, we offer a broad product portfolio that spans routing, switching, security, application acceleration, and management designed to provide unmatched performance, greater choice, and true flexibility, while reducing overall total cost of ownership. In addition, through strong industry partnerships with industries leading networking giants we have manage to achieve the impossible. 
Melvgroup is a network integrator, specialized in developing and improving systems that meet new standards, while helping organizations run more efficiently. Melvgroup has extensive experience implementing networking projects at all levels, from local area networks in a small office to global WAN. We also provide network security to our clients. We have successfully completed high volume projects in networking environment for many years.
With an emphasis on security and reliability, our engineers carefully work with you to design the right network configuration to enable increased innovation and capacity, combined with reduced costs and complexity. Proper design and configuration of routers and switches is a vital part for an effective network. Our certified networking experts provide professional consultancy and recommendations on converged IP communications and enhancing your network capabilities. Our extensive experience in providing Advanced Routing and Switching solutions allow you to benefit from investments in information and communications technology. Leveraging fruitful partnerships with industry defining brands, we have handled networks of immense size and complexity with remarkable ease. We focus on your organization and the processes you perform — taking everything into account — from existing equipment and applications, to growth planning and future system needs.


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