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  • Mr.Tuấn: 0977 645 788
  • Phòng dự án:
  • Mr.Điệp: 0908 560 214
  • Mr.Nam: 0965 391468
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  • Mr. Cung: 0904 603 895
  • Mr.Ngọc Anh: 0939 692 988
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  • Ms.Phương: 01666 990 980
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  • Ms.Đạt: 0988 273 370
  • info@melvgroup.vn
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Mã sản phẩm : 1522811900

Tủ điều khiển báo cháy thường 5 Zone RPP-EDW05B

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    1. Easy installation
    -Wide internal cabinet space for easy wiring
    -Wiring terminals are vertically arrange to ease installation.
    2. Simple Configuration -‘Vacant Zone’ and ‘Time Delay’ function are easily established by means of a simple DIL switch inside the panel.
    3. High reliability
    - Improved lightning surge protection
    – Improved noise immunity
    - Self diagnostic function (Zones open circuit monitored, Battery fault warning, Time delay function, etc.)
    4. Light weight, Simple design yet powerful by means of
    - SMD components, small PCB, compact power unit, etc.
    5. Improved local bell control with programmable ‘silence’ timer -If the local bell is put on ‘silence’ mode after an initial alarm signal, any subsequent zone activation immediately re-triggers the local alarm. And should the system be left at ‘silence’ mode without subsequent zone activation, the local alarm will automatically trigger again after a custom preset time period from the first alarm activation. -The custom preset timer can be programmed to reactivate the local alarm after 2,4,6 or 8 minutes from the first alarm activation.
    6. New functions
    -Visual representation of fire alarm status by symbolic indication lamp
    -Functional test equipped with 2 reset modes for heat and smoke detectors
    -Identification of first zone alarm by first flashing of zone alarm indicator

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