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We are able to design systems from the ground up or work with designers, architects and engineers to produce comprehensive plans with CAD drawings, detailed specifications, technical submittals and detailed costing to ensure that every concept comes to successful fruition.

Our flexible approach allows us to draw from vast experience and match the systems and products to our clients' expectations. Our knowledge of the operation of many different types of buildings and installations allows us to draw in concepts and innovations without sacrificing reliability and user friendliness


Our highly skilled and experienced installers are able to approach all types of locations and differing challenges with confidence and a high quality approach that ensures high quality, aesthetics and reliability. We work with project Melvgroup  to ensure that all parts of the installation are delivered on time and on budget.


Our engineers bring systems to life in a detailed and progressive way using manufacturers' data and tolerances to ensure first class performance from day one.


All systems come with full documentation. As fitted drawings ensure that the system can be maintained and modified with minimum difficulty and that the continued operation of the system is ensued over the life on the installation. The Operating and Maintenance manuals are provided in paper form and electronically to reduce the possibility of information going missing.


Training is the keynote to successful system operation. Training of managers, administrators, operators and security guards enables them to quickly understand the concepts, how the system relates to their building and what actions to take to given events.

Training programmes are run prior to systems going live and during the life cycle to ensure that the most effective use is made and that incidents are handled effectively. Training courses are tailored to the specific needs of the client.


Melvgroup Systems service and maintenance operation provides total back up. Service and maintenance is available for all security systems, those created by Melvgroup or by other companies. The successful operation of a system relies upon its upkeep to ensure efficiency, integrity and to minimise downtime.

Engineers are on call twenty-four hours for possible breakdowns. Periodic visits are made to carry out routine maintenance. Live systems are upgraded to ensure that investment remains current and the life cycle of the system is maximised. The small works department ensures that as customer's needs change. 

At Melvgroup Systems we work with our customers to keep the system current and operational without loss of integrity.

Contact us if you require any further information on our products and services.

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