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Our Company specialise in the Design and Installation of systems in the Security, Telecomms and Integrated solutions. We have been in operation for over 10 years providing innovative solutions to many factory name clients as well as Residential Security and Monitored Solutions. 
Melvgroup evolved over the years into one of the security industry leaders providing innovative integrated solutions incorporating advanced system technologies.

Melvgroup provides a wide range of security related products and solutions including CCTV Surveillance, Access Control and Monitoring, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Security Integrated System, Fire Alarm Sensors and Fire Protection System, Integrated Audio Visual Solutions, Telecoms systems.     

The key to these solutions is the Integrated Security Management Platform (ISMP), the product of Melvgroup many years of development activities and innovation through its understanding of the ever changing security needs of the various sectors of the community. The ISMP is the ideal platform for integrating multiple system typically found in modern facilities.

Melvgroup strives for excellence in product development and customer support through its promotion of company-wide innovation and quality awareness to ensure all products goes through established processes compliant to industry standards. High standard of business conduct and customer satisfaction is the key to Melvgroup constant and solid reputation as prime supplier of security products.

Melvgroup worldwide customer base including many from the government sector, public utilities sector,factory , commercial sector and residential sector receives exceptional support and round the clock service.

Melvgroup is dedicated to providing responsive and timely services, cost-effective and innovative solutions that help create a safer, a more secure and comfortable environment.
Provides solutions and system implementation : 
ELV Solutions: LAN, Internet, Access control system, WIFI solution for hotels, airports, golf courses, resorts, BMS, IBS, Hotel lock, lighting system, Car parking control system, smart parking, automatic parking
Consulting solution design, equipment supply, project implementation, maintenance:
CNC machine tools. Crane lifts, gantry cranes, crane bridges and load-bearing structures. Crane, QC, RTG, RMG. Forklifts Reachstacker, Sidelift, Forklift. Automatic container crane, semi-automatic. Lifting tables, hydraulic lifting. Warehouse door systems. Pumps
Electrical supply: Panasonic, Siemen, LS, Mitsubishi, Vitzro, ABB, Schneider ...: Medium and low voltage switchboards, RMU Cabinet, Dry Transformer (MTR), Low voltage conductor – Busway.